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Get the Best of Both Worlds...

Price & Quality

Only Devon bridges the gap between offshore pricing and American know-how. Basically we can deliver exactly what you need whether it be lower pricing, better turnaround or quality. How? With our offshore plant in China. If you have ever sourced parts offshore, then you know that there are quality issues, delivery issues and especially communication and engineering issues. Devon manages the process for you, offering complete flexibility and single source responsibility for the whole project from material flow, to production, inspection and delivery.

Your manufacturing options

  1. 100% U.S. made- Have it engineered, machined, inspected and shipped from our facility in Connecticut. This program provides the highest quality and fastest turnaround.
  2. Design here, produce there- Start the project here, do a short run (or prototypes) and then go offshore for the production run. Parts will be sourced at the China plant and completed with QC and inspection here in Connecticut.
  3. Run parallel- Start the process here, then split the production run between the U.S. and China to control costs while still maintaining high quality and faster delivery.
  4. 100% Offshore- With our single source responsibility program, quality standards and a keen eye on keeping he project on time and on budget, this method gives you the option with the lowest total cost

Get it the way you want it!

With so many options, Devon stands out among other manufacturers who just offer one quote. We invite your questions or requests to see how Devon Precision can help you get what you are looking for - competitive pricing, high quality and on-time delivery. Call us today! (203-879-1437 or contact us online!

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