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Swiss Automatics - Primary Department
The large complement of bar and coil machines provide the nucleus for Devon to supply its customers with precision components. The supplementary addition of multiple spindle and CNC machines provide the flexibility to further service the divergent needs of its customers.

  • single spindle automatic swiss screw machines:
    Bechler AR10/AS10/BR20     Capacity: Max diameter 3/4''
    Equipped with brakes, universal three spindle attachments & pickoffs for milling and cross drilling. Cam operated machine with five tool slides capable of holding tight tolerances and high micro finishes.
  • automatic coil machines:
    Escomatic D2/D4/D6     Capacity: 3/16''
    Equiped with slotting and drilling attachments. Cam operated machine with only two tool slides - capable of turning smaller parts from a coil at quick cycle times and no cutoff projections.
  • multi-spindle machines:
    Cam operated machine with six spindles that provide the ability to produce large volume production runs at faster cycle times than the single spindle automatics
  • CNC swiss:
    Numerical controlled machines with 19 tool slides. Specializes in short run and prototype production runs. Capable of producing complex parts.
    Max diameter 3/4''
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