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Vendors that demonstrate the ability to meet all requirements as specified on purchase orders and blue prints will be selected as approved suppliers. "Supplier Questionnaire" form D017 may be used by the quality control manager or by the management representative to assess the extent and capability of the supplier to satisfy all quality requirements. Selections may be additionally based upon successful completion of "Vendor Survey" form D069 and submission of acceptable samples or lots that meet all requirements.

Devon Precision utilizes this vendor rating system to measure vendor qualifications and as a reference for future knowledge of a specific vendor. New suppliers may be surveyed in person if located locally. This inspection usually occurs prior to first production runs. Surveys will be mailed to those suppliers that are not visited.

An "Approved Supplier List" D018 will be kept by the quality and purchasing departments. Contracts can only be issued to the suppliers on this approved list. The list will be amended as necessary by the use of the "Amendment to Suppliers" form D019. A "Vendor Hold/Release Form" (D053) will also be distributed informing all essential personnel.

See procedures: p-001, 002 and IT-005 in Quality Control Manual for details.

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